Stronger Together

AIT Group has joined forces with ICTGlobe Management

We are pleased to announce the merger of the AIT Group of companies and ICTGlobe Management (PTY) Ltd.
In future we will operate under the name of ICTGlobe Management within ICTGroup Holdings (PTY) Ltd.

AIT Group has joined forces with ICTGlobe Management to provide a comprehensive network of integrated services that will better serve our clients and business partner’s needs. Owning our own data centre and infrastructure, affords our companies within the ICTGroup, the opportunity to continue offering services as a Tier 1 service provider, which puts us in a unique position.

For us, it will always be about our clients. We assure you that our pricing, products, and support procedures will remain unchanged. We intend to incorporate the best features of all our product lines in the future.

The essence of our change is re-branding and the alignment of our operating framework to better serve our clients under the ICTGlobe Management brand by:

• Having access to unique technology platforms, that is custom-built for our industry.
• Opening doors to a better distribution and marketing network, because we work in synergy with our sister companies within the ICTGroup.
• Having access to products and services that complement our current offerings, which gives us the ability to offer you our clients and business partners the best ICT solution in the market.
• Merging infrastructure, to offer our clients and business partners’ products and services at competitive rates.
• Creating a large team of experienced staff who are dedicated to providing professional service.

Being part of ICTGlobe Management and ICTGroup Holdings, gives us a diversified leadership structure, by combining years of management, product and industry knowledge, and leadership experience. It also gives us
access to operate globally.

We are very excited to be part of, and to make you our client and business partner, part of such a powerful Group!